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How heavy is your emotional baggage?

What if you could lighten the load?

About Michelle & Her Journey

I help people move past the blocks & beliefs that hold them back so they can raise their vibration, shed the pounds of protection and live a happy and fulfilling life!

The Energy of Weight

You weight tells a story that needs to be heard and healed. Join this group program for a truly spiritual approach to releasing the weight and living lighter

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Why can’t I lose this weight?

This is the #1 question I get. That burning question that keeps you up at night, wondering what you’re doing wrong. You’ve tried it all it seems and nothing works. You lose weight and gain it right back. You are not alone! I’ve been there. I know how crazy this can make you feel. I know how it feels. I knew I had to break up with my negative mindset and limiting beliefs and if you’re here, I’m pretty sure you are too.

Your weight has been protecting you for along time and it’s not until you begin to heal your past that your weight can finally release.


Are you ready to be DONE with constantly feeling like you’re on a diet roller-coaster?

Have you spent years reading self help and diet books, beating yourself up for not “getting it”, starving yourself, feeling less than or not good enough, feeling like you keep working so hard but not getting results?

Let me ask you this…how many diets have you been on?

I’ve been there and it sucks. And I know you’re ready for lasting change.

I’m here to tell you that you CAN learn to harness The Energy of Weight and make it WORK FOR YOU. Those wounds that were created long ago that shaped your beliefs around your body, your safety, and your self worth. There is a reason you are holding on to the weight. And although there may be genetic or health reasons, you will always struggle until you open up and find your light within. This means first walking through the darkness but I’m here and I have a beautiful sparkly flashlight for you to light the way.  I’m here to shout out loud that you CAN have all that you want in your life!

  • You CAN learn to accept and even love your body
  • You CAN stop beating yourself up
  • You CAN find your inner light and let it shine without fear
  • You CAN heal from past wounds, trauma and pain.
  • You CAN begin to unravel the reasons why you hold on to weight
  • You CAN let your inner wisdom guide you
  • You CAN discover what you are really wanting in life.
  • You CAN conquer guilt, shame and fear

If you said HELL YES to any of the above (and I know you did!),
join me for Group or Private Coaching and discover how you can find freedom from your past, embrace your future and

‘The support of Michelle and the women in my group made me feel so loved! Michelle has a way of knowing just what to say at the right time. I’m feeling lighter, brighter and more at peace every day.” – Kim M.

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If you prefer private coaching, please schedule a free call so we can talk. VIP Private coaching spots fill up quickly and I only take on 2 new clients per month because my clients get lots of GLITTER and SPARKLE from me! I understand that group coaching is not for everyone or you may prefer one on one support and I’m here to support you. My one on one coaching combines energy healing and transformational coaching to give you outstanding results that are designed just for you.

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