It’s Time Beautiful One
A love note to you

I want happiness for you. And laughter and joy and peace. I want you to fully embrace yourself and be your true self. You’ve been hiding for so long and it’s so hard. Hiding behind your mask, pretending to be happy and content. Hiding your pain. Crying when no one is around. Beating yourself up for not being better, not being enough. Being too big, taking up too much space when all you want to do is hide more.

 I see you.

I hear you.

You don’t need fixing because you aren’t really broken. You’re wounded and you have scars, maybe lots of scars. But you’re also a survivor. And your body has been protecting you for a long long time. All of her curves have served a purpose. She’s lovely but you can’t see her yet. But you will.

You will see you.

You will hear your body.

You will learn to love her.

You will learn to love you.

This is what I want for you. And I hope you are ready because I’m ready to walk this path with you, as your guide, as your friend, as someone who knows the way. Will you walk with me?

Love and so many hugs,


What would it be like

If you woke up every day feeling full of joy. Feeling content and fulfilled. Feeling in touch with yourself. In love with your life. Showing up as you, loving and accepting all the sides and parts of you, even your body.

What would that do for you?

How would your life change?

What would you do that you’re not doing now?

Are you ready to find out?


Let’s work together! But why me?

I’m a unique kind of coach who combines transformational and intuitive coaching with a type of energy work called Pranic Healing. This gives me special insight and ability to quickly get to the source of your blocks.  Not only can I hear it in your words, I can feel it in your energy.

Discover  WHY you’re feeling stuck. WHY you can’t move forward in life, love or business. WHY you can’t lose weight. We find out WHATS in your way.

It’s not always obvious what’s going on. What if the reason you can’t lose weight is not because you don’t have willpower but is because of old beliefs you formed about yourself when you were young? What if your body is holding onto these pounds of protection for dear life?

We talk openly and honestly about your beliefs, your mindset and you.

When was the last time someone really listened to you?

And you learn

How to live a life of happiness and self love

Because you deserve nothing less

How Can We Work Together?

I am happy to offer several ways to work with me so you can always find something to fit your needs, you scheduled and your budget.

Healing Intensive Private Coaching

The Energy of Weight Group Coaching

Energy Healing Sessions

Healing Circle Membership

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One-On-One Private Coaching

Private 1 on 1 Healing Intensive private coaching customized to you and your needs. Includes weekly calls,  energy healing, workbook and more. Meant for the woman who means business.

Energy Healing & Membership

Energy Healing Sessions are offered individually in 1 or 4 sessions, or choose to join the amazing Healing Circle Membership. *Open to new members for a limited time!

Energy of Weight Program

8 Week Group Program designed to get to the subconscious causes of why you can’t release or keep off weight. Intense, powerful and deeply healing. *Currently Women Only

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