Awaken Your Light Within
and let it shine!

Medical Intuition

Discover how the story of your life has affected your health and wellbeing. See clearly how you can step into vibrant health and wellbeing!


Discover how hypnosis can quickly and easily help with habit control, anxiety, chronic stress and emotional and physical pain. Hypnotherapy is safe & effective!

Energy Healing

Join the Healing Circle Membership to receive energy healing, chakra balancing, meditations, oracle cards and more to give you a weekly dose of magic.

Can I really heal?

This is the number 1 question I get from people who feel broken and “unfixable”. You are not alone! And yes, you really can heal.

Your path to healing will be as unique as you are. The most important thing you can bring is the desire to heal. The unshakable, no one can stop me, desire to feel your very best. And I fully believe you deserve that


How can Intuition and Energy Help?

Have you spent years reading self help books, going to traditional therapy, or maybe even tried other holistic remedies but you still feel anxious, stressed out and overwhelmed?

Are you suffering from chronic pain or illness and doctors have been unable to find the cause? Or maybe you have a diagnosis but traditional treatment is not working.

Or maybe you are going through a life transition such as separation or divorce, a new career or business, becoming an empty nester or a bunch of things all at once?

Beating yourself up for not “getting it”, for still feeling terrible? Hiding your illness, anxiety and depression? Pretending you’re ok when you’re not?

This is because your energetic body and your subconscious mind hold all the old thoughts, beliefs, patterns, trauma, and stress that you’ve experienced and you’re tired and this funky energy is stuck to you like glue.

I have the remedy to get you unstuck.

And I know you’re ready for lasting change.

Medical Intuition will help you to get to the root cause of what ails you. We all carry around the baggage of our past and this baggage can show up as pain, disease, emotional distress and more. Michelle will look at your body with x-ray eyes and help you get to the source and move forward towards vibrant health and wellness. Just a few of the conditions I treat:

  • Disease and Illness

  • Chronic Pain

  • Stress and Overwhelm

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia & Sleep Problems

  • Removing Cords

  • Removing Negative Energy

Hypnotherapy is a gentle interactive method for quickly moving you out of the habits that are keeping you stuck. You will be completely awake and aware during the session and leave feeling clear, refreshed and renewed. I help clients with:

  • Self Love & Confidence

  • Insomnia & Sleep Problems

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Healthy Eating & Weight Loss

  • Motivation

  • Shifting Beliefs

  • Habit Control

  • Past Life Regression

Pranic Healing is a type of no touch energy healing that helps to remove the stuck energy you can’t see. Your energy body has it’s own memory where it stores fear, shame, guilt and trauma. My speciality is helping with removing heaviness surrounding emotional pain:

  • Stress Relief

  • Handling Life Transitions

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Trauma

  • Addiction Support

  • Pranic Pyschotherapy

In addition, I also offer Life Coaching and Healing Packages to help support you. Healing does not happen overnight. I will often suggest a series of sessions to completely alleviate your symptoms so you feel lighter and brighter. 


“The dark was trying to take over the light, they were fighting back and forth. Then there was just light, bright almost blinding light. It felt like a baptism”  – D.W., Healing Client


“My foot has been hurting for years. I’ve been to multiple doctors with no relief and no explanation. After one session with Michelle, the pain is gone. That is unheard of!” S.C., Healing Client


“Years of anxiety and pent up emotions have been released and I feel like I have my life back!” J.C., Healing Client


“Monday evening Healing Circle with Michelle is the best way to start the week! It is a commitment to my self care. I’m so grateful that I signed up and for the gracious gift of Pranic healing that Michelle provides to us. No matter what she may have going on in her own life she always shows up with so much compassion and intuitiveness for the group. She also throws in a card reading and humor! Healing Circle with Michelle is the highlight of my Monday’s:))oh and she even does this for us when she’s on vacation …. on the beach or in the mountains!!” Cheryl M., Healing Circle Member


“I look forward to Mondays now because of the healing circle. It has positively impacted my life. I love Michelle and her warm and caring energy. I plan to do individual healing sessions with her in the future.” Dawn Grimes, Healing Circle Member


” I don’t think I would have gotten through my life shift if it wasn’t for you. You came in at the exact time that I needed a guide. I will never forget the things you have shown me about myself.” J.W., Healing Client


” I love Michelle’s Monday evening pranic healing. Last night was particularly wonderful for me. All my Monday frenzy turned into healing light and energy. Even though we are a group of very diverse individuals we share the common goal of wanting peace, love and happiness for ourselves, our families and our world. Thank you Michelle. Namaste 🙏” J.K., Healing Circle Member

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