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Can you give me a hand?

Why in the world is it so hard to ask for help? I mean come on, we honestly can’t do it all. So why do keep running in circles, trying to do it all, failing to do it all and then beating ourselves up? Is this just the way it is? I’ve gone many years not asking for help. And then complaining when I have soooo much to do. But who’s fault is that? Obviously I know it’s mine but I still have trouble asking for help. But why? Our society (begins ranting about injustice) we are told that as Continue Reading

I ate chocolate on the way to the gym…

    It was kind of a challenging day. A lot stressful. I felt a little crazy from too much to do and not enough time to do it. So I did what any totally normal girl would do…I ate chocolate…on the way to the gym. It was premeditated. I was headed to the gym and on purpose grabbed this giant bag of Belgian Thins chocolate. In my defense it was dark chocolate full of superfoods, that makes it a-ok, right? And it was delicious. Normally this would have been a recipe for disaster, a binge waiting to happen, a Continue Reading