Can you give me a hand?

Why in the world is it so hard to ask for help? I mean come on, we honestly can’t do it all. So why do keep running in circles, trying to do it all, failing to do it all and then beating ourselves up?

Is this just the way it is?

I’ve gone many years not asking for help. And then complaining when I have soooo much to do. But who’s fault is that? Obviously I know it’s mine but I still have trouble asking for help. But why?

Our society (begins ranting about injustice) we are told that as women we SHOULD BE ABLE TO HAVE IT ALL. The job, the house, the partner, 1.5 children and be happy and sane. I’m here to tell you this is crap. It’s pretty much impossible to hold it all together. We need help.

I know for me working from home the home/work line gets pretty blurry.  My family tries their best to give me space during office hours but let’s be honest, that’s kind of hard when I’m sitting right there.

I started thinking about where I could ask for help from and came up with this list..feel free to add your own”

  1. Ask family for help around the house and with errands – dishes, dinner, vacuuming, washing the dogs. Ask your kids, your partner, your roommate.
  2. Hire someone to clean the house – this one is SERIOUSLY life changing. If you add up how many hours a week you spend cleaning the freaking house you might have a melt down. I used to have this amazing woman who did my kitchen and bathrooms every other week. I need to find her number.
  3. Hire someone to do the yard work, clean the garage, wash the car – unless you find this therapeutic which I don’t, just sayin
  4. Ask a friend to hang with your kids and have a date night or GNO  – a night out can take you from “on the verge of a freak out” to “ok I feel like a human again”.
  5. Get groceries delivered – massive time saver! Try Amazon, or Thrive Market. Or Safeway.
  6. If you work for yourself and from home consider at least 2 days a week (even a few hours) of working at a coffee shop, the library or even rent office space. You will get so much work done, I promise you. ps.. I just rented new office space,  hooray!!

What tips do you have to share for taking some of the overwhelm away? Please share with us in the comments!

Shine on and Ask for Help!

michelle xoxo

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