Can you loosen your grip on food?


What would happen if you loosened your grip on food? If you stopped labeling food as good or bad? If you ate what you wanted, when you wanted it? What would that feel like?

I know this is a crazy question. Trust me. Being a professional dieter there was no such thing as loosening my grip. I hung on to my diets like they were life rafts. If I let go, even just a little, I would drown. I would sink to the bottom of the ocean never to be seen again. I felt like if I ate what I wanted I would never stop. Food was either good or bad. Black or white. Allowed or not.

This is why I binged. I would eat “good” “allowed” food for days, or weeks even. I would count calories and points, I would be so proud of myself for staying on plan. But then life would happen. It might start with a cookie, or a scone from Starbucks, and it would snowball into a full on binge that could last an hour or days of non stop eating. And I would eat every taboo food on my “bad” list – including Hostess Snowballs. I took my snowballing very literally!

It was the total food restriction that led to the binge. The tight grip I had on food that I held on to for dear life. Because remember I might actually drown if I let go.

But when I finally let go, I didn’t drown. I didn’t die. It was ok. In fact I felt free for the first time in my life.

What would happen if you loosened your grip on food?

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ox Michelle

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