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Do you listen to your body? Or have you forgotten how?

Do you listen to your body? Or have you forgotten how? When we were little girls, life was simple. We ate when we were hungry, cried when we got hurt, and slept when we were tired. We even played when we felt playful, sang when we were happy and hugged when we loved someone. We didn’t care what our bodies looked like, we didn’t care if our hair was brushed or if our clothes matched. Somewhere along the way we stopped being this way. Suddenly we worried about the size of our thighs, and our tummies. We got told not Continue Reading

The thing about distracting yourself from food…

  I get asked a lot “How can I distract myself from food?” Well, you kind of can’t. Because that’s like trying to distract yourself from going the bathroom. Think about it. What happens when you really have to pee and you try to hold it? You start dancing around, jumping up and down, but eventually you have to pee or your gonna pee your pants right there in Target. There’s no avoiding it. It’s like that with food. Say you decide to give up bread because it’s “bad” for you. Now all you can think about it bread. All Continue Reading