Drama Mama Days

Sometimes I feel like a total Drama Mama. You know those days when nothing seems to go right and anything that can go wrong, at the wrong time, does. Yep. That was me today.

Last night I threw my back out for the very first time. I wish I had some amazing story about how I did it, like salsa dancing or rock climbing but I was bending down trying to touch my toes. Clearly I need to learn how to do that without hurting myself! So today I was in a lot of pain. And of course I kept dropping stuff that I did not want to try to pick up. The chiropractor fit me in (thank you Dr Jenn and sorry for all the cuss words). But then my brakes were making noise after I just got them fixed 3 days ago and I had to sit at the dealership (in pain) for an hour and half. I was not a happy camper. I wanted to yell, and cry and pound my fists.

As I was sitting at the dealership I was right near the vending machine. It was full of chips and cookies and candy. I wandered over to it and looked at all the crunchy, sweet junk food in there. A day like this deserved cookies! I was stressed and I deserved chips! But as I stood there I had a huge AHA moment…. I didn’t want ANY of it. Not one chip. Not one cookie.

I bought some Lifesavers. And I ate one.

Instead of stuffing my emotions, or holding them in, I told the guy at the dealership, Don, that I was pissed. I told my husband I was pissed. And I allowed myself to feel pissed and sorry for myself. I FELT MY FEELINGS.

And it felt so good! I call that a big ass win!

So the next time you are having a crap day, be a Drama Mama, be pissed, say your pissed, tell people they are pissing you off if they deserve it. Don’t take the crap, don’t back down, don’t be afraid to say what you mean. And don’t be afraid to feel your feelings and wallow in them if you must. It’s time to embrace all of you, not just the happy glittery stuff. We all have our moments and you are allowed yours.

Go be you


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