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Mindless Eating vs Mindful Eating

Mindless eating vs Mindful eating I know the difference might seem obvious but it’s really easy to eat mindlessly without even realizing it. How many times have you grabbed the bag of chips and munched while you worked on your laptop, or eaten a bag of m&m’s while talking on the phone, or eating an entire block of cheese while chatting over wine with a friend? This is all mindless eating and while there is nothing wrong with any type of eating, mindless eating is an easy way to overeat and not even enjoy the food. And, I know when Continue Reading

Anxiety and Cravings

I was driving today and thinking about the link between anxiety and cravings and wondered, what comes first: the craving or the anxiety? Does the anxiety trigger the cravings or do the cravings trigger the anxiety? I was thinking this out loud and my 16 year old son said “Obviously the anxiety comes first or otherwise why would people stress eat?”, he’s so smart 🙂 I used to get a LOT of anxiety, I still do, I’m not gonna lie. And I used to deal with my anxiety by eating. Usually it would be sweets, or a drive thru Starbucks Continue Reading