Mindless Eating vs Mindful Eating

Mindless eating vs Mindful eating

I know the difference might seem obvious but it’s really easy to eat mindlessly without even realizing it. How many times have you grabbed the bag of chips and munched while you worked on your laptop, or eaten a bag of m&m’s while talking on the phone, or eating an entire block of cheese while chatting over wine with a friend? This is all mindless eating and while there is nothing wrong with any type of eating, mindless eating is an easy way to overeat and not even enjoy the food.

And, I know when I eat mindlessly I tend to berate myself and say “Crap, I just ate all that and didn’t even enjoy or taste it!” I don’t get mad at myself for WHAT I ate but for HOW I ate it. If I’m going to eat, I want to enjoy it!

Eating mindfully is simply eating while being present with your food. Sitting down, with your food on a plate. Not eating out of the bag while standing in the kitchen or in front of the cupboard or fridge.

Once you get used to eating this way you’ll find you eat less because you notice when you’ve had enough and you actually enjoy your food. When you enjoy your food you don’t need more because you feel satisfied.

Other ways to eat mindfully:
– Always put your food in a bowl or on a plate – even snacks
– Chew your food extra times – this allows you to taste your food even more
– Take smaller bites – your food lasts longer and is more satisfying
– Enjoy the sight and smell of your food – because food smells amazing and if it doesn’t you shouldn’t be eating it
– Prepare your own meals and snacks – making food for yourself gives you more appreciation for it

What are your best tips for eating mindfully?

Love and hugs

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