Lose weight or release weight? Is there a difference?

I’ve spent countless hours trying to lose weight. To the point where the words “lose weight” are like nails on a chalkboard to me. It conjures up images of diet food, restriction, extreme exercise, sadness and shame. When I would fail at losing weight, I would be ashamed of myself and my lack of willpower. Energetically these words together make me constrict.

Let’s see how your body responds to the following statements:

Take 3 nice deep breaths in first so you can get really centered and grounded.

Now place your hands on your heart and say this a few times

“I want to lose weight”

Tune into your body and feel how she responds, just notice. Now shake that off.

Now place you hands on your heart once again and say this a few times

“I want to release weight”

Tune into your body again and notice how she feels. Was the tone of your voice different? Just notice the sensations

Open your eyes. What did you notice? What happened with your body sensations with each statement? What was different?

There is an energetic shift when using the word release instead of lose. When we lose something we normally want it back, right? It’s lost and we don’t normally like to lose things. So why would we want to lose weight?

Begin using the words release and see how that shifts things for you. I’d love to hear your experience!




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