When you keep tripping

I took a beautiful hike on my favorite trail on Mt Diablo last Saturday and I kept tripping on rocks. Now this isn’t something I normally do but I tripped 3 or 4 times. Even when I started to be more careful, I still tripped! The funny thing about tripping while on a mountain is that you have to keep going. There is no option to just stop. You have no choice but to keep walking, unless you plan to pitch a tent and live there (which doesn’t sound bad!).

Thankfully I didn’t fall down but it made me take notice. It made me think about all the other areas in my life right now where I feel like I’m tripping up, or even falling down. It’s been a rocky past few months, actually a rocky year, and it’s no surprise that I’ve tripped on the rocks.

But tripping isn’t always bad. It can, and should, make you take pause and see if you’re going in the right direction. Are you tripping because you need to go a different way? Is there danger ahead? Is there something you need to stop and see or notice?

What if instead of getting mad that you keep tripping, you could find the message there?

Ask yourself these questions when you find yourself tripping or stuck:

  1. Am I going in the right/wrong direction? Do I need to pivot and go another way or keep going forward?
  2. Where on my path do I keep tripping? Is there a pattern? Do I keep tripping at the same place?
  3. What emotions come up when I trip?
  4. What message am I hearing? What do I need to see, hear or notice?
  5. What is my next best step?
  6. What is ONE think I can do towards my next step?

Sometimes the universe likes to give us a gentle nudge to get our attention, and sometimes it’s more like a hard shove and you fall on your face. But it’s always to GET YOUR ATTENTION.

Stop. Listen. Notice.

Much love and happy tripping!!



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