Keeping the Funky Energy Away

People often come to me for energy healing feeling utterly exhausted and depleted. They can’t sleep, they’re overeating, they’re irritable, and just overall feeling awful. These are all signs that your energy body is full of funky energy.

This energy might be yours, but most likely it’s stuff you picked up from people around who are struggling, a toxic environment, not so great food and stress. I like to explain it this way; in your life you are exposed to a lot of different people and experiences. Each on that is a negative, or less than happy, experience creates a gray heavy cotton ball that gets stuck in your energy body. So, by the end of the week, month or year(s) you have hundreds of gray heavy cotton balls stuck to you. So many that you feel gray and heavy, you can’t see clearly and your tired and depleted. Doesn’t sound like too much fun does it?

So, what can you do to get rid of these funky energy cotton balls? Let me give you some quick and easy tips to help

  • Take a weekly salt bath – 1-2 cups regular or pink salt, plus 20 drops of your favorite essential oil (I recommend lavender because it will relax you). Soak for 15-20 minutes and then rinse. Do this before bed and sleep deeply and awake refreshed
  • Remove toxic people from your life – this may not be easy but even just unfriending negative people on social media can make a huge difference. Think of how certain people make you feel. The ones that create an unhappy physical or emotional response are creating cotton balls for you. What can you do to limit your exposure to them?
  • Keep your environment clutter free – clutter holds energy which is why the recent trend of de-cluttering is so popular. When your space is cluttered, that energy bounces back to you. Especially where you work or sleep.
  • Sage your space – with your windows and door open, light a small bundle of sage and move counterclockwise in your space. Fan the smoke into the corners of the room, paying special attention to any areas that feel especially funky. Set the intention that all negative energy is leaving your space. You might be surprised how much lighter your space feels!
  • Create your own energetic shield/bubble – I like to call this bubble wrapping myself. Imagine there is a large purple bubble in front of you. Set the intention by thinking or saying out loud “This bubble is my energetic shield and will protect me all day” and step into your bubble. Do this each day before leaving your house.
  • Get an Energy Healing! – I’m not just saying this because I do healings but because I believe we all need to have healing done for us. I get healings done 1-2 times a month.

Remember, you are in charge of who you let into your energy and it’s ok to say no! It’s ok to set boundaries (more on this later).

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