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2019 Brought me to my knees

I was very very quiet last year, especially the second half of the year, and I’m going to share with you why. In May I separated with my husband of 20 years so basically shit hit the fan in my life. When you go from being in a partnership to suddenly being alone it’s a very strange thing. It’s at once liberating and terrifying.  I”m not the kind of person to put my business out for the world to see and I needed my time to reflect and regroup so I did just that. I took 7 months to go within. To do Continue Reading

Keeping the Funky Energy Away

People often come to me for energy healing feeling utterly exhausted and depleted. They can’t sleep, they’re overeating, they’re irritable, and just overall feeling awful. These are all signs that your energy body is full of funky energy. This energy might be yours, but most likely it’s stuff you picked up from people around who are struggling, a toxic environment, not so great food and stress. I like to explain it this way; in your life you are exposed to a lot of different people and experiences. Each on that is a negative, or less than happy, experience creates a Continue Reading

When you keep tripping

I took a beautiful hike on my favorite trail on Mt Diablo last Saturday and I kept tripping on rocks. Now this isn’t something I normally do but I tripped 3 or 4 times. Even when I started to be more careful, I still tripped! The funny thing about tripping while on a mountain is that you have to keep going. There is no option to just stop. You have no choice but to keep walking, unless you plan to pitch a tent and live there (which doesn’t sound bad!). Thankfully I didn’t fall down but it made me take notice. It made Continue Reading

Are you sh%t talking yourself?

“What the hell, why am I so gross and fat?!” “I’m such a disgusting slob. I’m never going to lose this weight” “You should be ashamed of yourself. Just stop stuffing your face, it’s not that hard. You’re just lazy” This is what I used to say to myself when I looked in the mirror. Not just once in a awhile, but every single time. Every single time I looked in a mirror I talked sh%t to myself. And I was mean, really really mean. I said words I would never say to anyone else. I’m way too nice for that. Continue Reading

Lose weight or release weight? Is there a difference?

I’ve spent countless hours trying to lose weight. To the point where the words “lose weight” are like nails on a chalkboard to me. It conjures up images of diet food, restriction, extreme exercise, sadness and shame. When I would fail at losing weight, I would be ashamed of myself and my lack of willpower. Energetically these words together make me constrict. Let’s see how your body responds to the following statements: Take 3 nice deep breaths in first so you can get really centered and grounded. Now place your hands on your heart and say this a few times Continue Reading

Do you listen to your body? Or have you forgotten how?

Do you listen to your body? Or have you forgotten how? When we were little girls, life was simple. We ate when we were hungry, cried when we got hurt, and slept when we were tired. We even played when we felt playful, sang when we were happy and hugged when we loved someone. We didn’t care what our bodies looked like, we didn’t care if our hair was brushed or if our clothes matched. Somewhere along the way we stopped being this way. Suddenly we worried about the size of our thighs, and our tummies. We got told not Continue Reading

The thing about distracting yourself from food…

  I get asked a lot “How can I distract myself from food?” Well, you kind of can’t. Because that’s like trying to distract yourself from going the bathroom. Think about it. What happens when you really have to pee and you try to hold it? You start dancing around, jumping up and down, but eventually you have to pee or your gonna pee your pants right there in Target. There’s no avoiding it. It’s like that with food. Say you decide to give up bread because it’s “bad” for you. Now all you can think about it bread. All Continue Reading

Stale Cake

  Have you ever wanted to eat stale cake? I mean, like really wanted to eat it? This happened to me yesterday. Logically I know the cake is stale and I should have already thrown it out but there it was, in the fridge, calling my name like a song…Michelle…here I am….come to meeeee.  It was after I ate dinner. I hadn’t been feeling well all day so pretty much stayed home. I found myself actually secretly wishing my husband would either a) go to bed early or b) go down and water the garden so I could eat the stale cake Continue Reading

Loosen your grip on food

Yesterday was a holiday and with holidays come food. Lots of food. And drinks. And chips. And dessert. Holidays used to totally stress me out. There were always foods that I could or could not eat.  I was either in control (controlling everything I ate and drank) or out of control (binging and going food crazy).  There was really no happy medium. We bbq’d at my house and we had so much food. And I ate it all. I had chips and dip, potato salad, beans, and 2 watermelon margaritas (which by the way are so good). Oh, and cake Continue Reading

You are NOT a number!

You’ve probably heard this a million times. The scale does not define your self worth. It’s really really honestly true. Your scales a liar. For many years I let my scale do just that. I allowed it to tell me if today was a good, or bad, or really, really bad day. A low number – hooray! great day! But a high number – a bad I’m-not-worthy-of-living kind of day. It was almost like my scale was taunting me. “Step on me..I’m your friend…I love you” and then BAM, the number was higher than yesterday. My scale was a LIAR! Continue Reading