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Is your Energy blocking your Success?

Do you ever look at your bank account and wonder what you’re doing wrong in your business? You’ve tried everything the books say, done all the work your coach said, paid for advertising, attended workshops and conferences and still no clients, or not enough clients to pay the bills. You know that you’re good at what you do, you know how to get clients results, you just know one day you will be successful. But what about today? What’s going on today that you’re just not getting enough clients? Or maybe you own a brick and mortar business and your Continue Reading

I felt it coming….

I felt it coming… I felt it coming…the overwhelming fatigue, wanting to hide away, craving coffee and junk food. I knew it was coming. Then it hit. Or I hit it. The wall of depression and anxiety. Sometimes its a big huge wall, and sometimes its a tiny wall I can jump over. This time it was a pretty big wall. I’m not surprised because I’ve been doing a lot of healing work on myself over the past few months.  I’ve gotten in touch with my inner child, I’ve done guided visualizations exploring my past lives, I’ve meditated, saw a Shaman, Continue Reading

Mindless Eating vs Mindful Eating

Mindless eating vs Mindful eating I know the difference might seem obvious but it’s really easy to eat mindlessly without even realizing it. How many times have you grabbed the bag of chips and munched while you worked on your laptop, or eaten a bag of m&m’s while talking on the phone, or eating an entire block of cheese while chatting over wine with a friend? This is all mindless eating and while there is nothing wrong with any type of eating, mindless eating is an easy way to overeat and not even enjoy the food. And, I know when Continue Reading

Anxiety and Cravings

I was driving today and thinking about the link between anxiety and cravings and wondered, what comes first: the craving or the anxiety? Does the anxiety trigger the cravings or do the cravings trigger the anxiety? I was thinking this out loud and my 16 year old son said “Obviously the anxiety comes first or otherwise why would people stress eat?”, he’s so smart 🙂 I used to get a LOT of anxiety, I still do, I’m not gonna lie. And I used to deal with my anxiety by eating. Usually it would be sweets, or a drive thru Starbucks Continue Reading

Drama Mama Days

Sometimes I feel like a total Drama Mama. You know those days when nothing seems to go right and anything that can go wrong, at the wrong time, does. Yep. That was me today. Last night I threw my back out for the very first time. I wish I had some amazing story about how I did it, like salsa dancing or rock climbing but I was bending down trying to touch my toes. Clearly I need to learn how to do that without hurting myself! So today I was in a lot of pain. And of course I kept Continue Reading

Can you loosen your grip on food?

  What would happen if you loosened your grip on food? If you stopped labeling food as good or bad? If you ate what you wanted, when you wanted it? What would that feel like? I know this is a crazy question. Trust me. Being a professional dieter there was no such thing as loosening my grip. I hung on to my diets like they were life rafts. If I let go, even just a little, I would drown. I would sink to the bottom of the ocean never to be seen again. I felt like if I ate what Continue Reading

If I stop dieting I’ll get as big as a house!

I used to think this was a true fact. Like, truer than my hair is red or the sky is blue. If I let go of dieting, if I stop counting points, calories, pounds, fats, carbs, sugars, every single lick, taste and bite…I will get as big as a house. My waist will expand to epic proportions and I won’t be able to fit in my car. If I loosen my grip on food, even just a little bit, I’ll spin out of control. I was absolutely sure I would eat 10 bags of potato chips, 5 boxes of gluten Continue Reading

Can you give me a hand?

Why in the world is it so hard to ask for help? I mean come on, we honestly can’t do it all. So why do keep running in circles, trying to do it all, failing to do it all and then beating ourselves up? Is this just the way it is? I’ve gone many years not asking for help. And then complaining when I have soooo much to do. But who’s fault is that? Obviously I know it’s mine but I still have trouble asking for help. But why? Our society (begins ranting about injustice) we are told that as Continue Reading

I ate chocolate on the way to the gym…

    It was kind of a challenging day. A lot stressful. I felt a little crazy from too much to do and not enough time to do it. So I did what any totally normal girl would do…I ate chocolate…on the way to the gym. It was premeditated. I was headed to the gym and on purpose grabbed this giant bag of Belgian Thins chocolate. In my defense it was dark chocolate full of superfoods, that makes it a-ok, right? And it was delicious. Normally this would have been a recipe for disaster, a binge waiting to happen, a Continue Reading

Is your scale a liar?

  You’ve probably heard this a million times. The scale does not define your self worth. It’s really really honestly true. Your scales a liar. For many years I let my scale do just that. I allowed it to tell me if today was a good, or bad, or really, really bad day. A low number – hooray! great day! But a high number – a bad I’m-not-worthy-of-living kind of day. It was almost like my scale was taunting me. “Step on me..I’m your friend…I love you” and then BAM, the number was higher than yesterday. My scale was a Continue Reading