2019 Brought me to my knees

I was very very quiet last year, especially the second half of the year, and I’m going to share with you why. In May I separated with my husband of 20 years so basically shit hit the fan in my life. When you go from being in a partnership to suddenly being alone it’s a very strange thing. It’s at once liberating and terrifying.  I”m not the kind of person to put my business out for the world to see and I needed my time to reflect and regroup so I did just that. I took 7 months to go within. To do Continue Reading

Keeping the Funky Energy Away

People often come to me for energy healing feeling utterly exhausted and depleted. They can’t sleep, they’re overeating, they’re irritable, and just overall feeling awful. These are all signs that your energy body is full of funky energy. This energy might be yours, but most likely it’s stuff you picked up from people around who are struggling, a toxic environment, not so great food and stress. I like to explain it this way; in your life you are exposed to a lot of different people and experiences. Each on that is a negative, or less than happy, experience creates a Continue Reading

When you keep tripping

I took a beautiful hike on my favorite trail on Mt Diablo last Saturday and I kept tripping on rocks. Now this isn’t something I normally do but I tripped 3 or 4 times. Even when I started to be more careful, I still tripped! The funny thing about tripping while on a mountain is that you have to keep going. There is no option to just stop. You have no choice but to keep walking, unless you plan to pitch a tent and live there (which doesn’t sound bad!). Thankfully I didn’t fall down but it made me take notice. It made Continue Reading

Are you sh%t talking yourself?

“What the hell, why am I so gross and fat?!” “I’m such a disgusting slob. I’m never going to lose this weight” “You should be ashamed of yourself. Just stop stuffing your face, it’s not that hard. You’re just lazy” This is what I used to say to myself when I looked in the mirror. Not just once in a awhile, but every single time. Every single time I looked in a mirror I talked sh%t to myself. And I was mean, really really mean. I said words I would never say to anyone else. I’m way too nice for that. Continue Reading

Lose weight or release weight? Is there a difference?

I’ve spent countless hours trying to lose weight. To the point where the words “lose weight” are like nails on a chalkboard to me. It conjures up images of diet food, restriction, extreme exercise, sadness and shame. When I would fail at losing weight, I would be ashamed of myself and my lack of willpower. Energetically these words together make me constrict. Let’s see how your body responds to the following statements: Take 3 nice deep breaths in first so you can get really centered and grounded. Now place your hands on your heart and say this a few times Continue Reading

Is your Energy blocking your Success?

Do you ever look at your bank account and wonder what you’re doing wrong in your business? You’ve tried everything the books say, done all the work your coach said, paid for advertising, attended workshops and conferences and still no clients, or not enough clients to pay the bills. You know that you’re good at what you do, you know how to get clients results, you just know one day you will be successful. But what about today? What’s going on today that you’re just not getting enough clients? Or maybe you own a brick and mortar business and your Continue Reading

I felt it coming….

I felt it coming… I felt it coming…the overwhelming fatigue, wanting to hide away, craving coffee and junk food. I knew it was coming. Then it hit. Or I hit it. The wall of depression and anxiety. Sometimes its a big huge wall, and sometimes its a tiny wall I can jump over. This time it was a pretty big wall. I’m not surprised because I’ve been doing a lot of healing work on myself over the past few months.  I’ve gotten in touch with my inner child, I’ve done guided visualizations exploring my past lives, I’ve meditated, saw a Shaman, Continue Reading

Mindless Eating vs Mindful Eating

Mindless eating vs Mindful eating I know the difference might seem obvious but it’s really easy to eat mindlessly without even realizing it. How many times have you grabbed the bag of chips and munched while you worked on your laptop, or eaten a bag of m&m’s while talking on the phone, or eating an entire block of cheese while chatting over wine with a friend? This is all mindless eating and while there is nothing wrong with any type of eating, mindless eating is an easy way to overeat and not even enjoy the food. And, I know when Continue Reading

Anxiety and Cravings

I was driving today and thinking about the link between anxiety and cravings and wondered, what comes first: the craving or the anxiety? Does the anxiety trigger the cravings or do the cravings trigger the anxiety? I was thinking this out loud and my 16 year old son said “Obviously the anxiety comes first or otherwise why would people stress eat?”, he’s so smart 🙂 I used to get a LOT of anxiety, I still do, I’m not gonna lie. And I used to deal with my anxiety by eating. Usually it would be sweets, or a drive thru Starbucks Continue Reading

Drama Mama Days

Sometimes I feel like a total Drama Mama. You know those days when nothing seems to go right and anything that can go wrong, at the wrong time, does. Yep. That was me today. Last night I threw my back out for the very first time. I wish I had some amazing story about how I did it, like salsa dancing or rock climbing but I was bending down trying to touch my toes. Clearly I need to learn how to do that without hurting myself! So today I was in a lot of pain. And of course I kept Continue Reading