Available In-Person or Remote

In-Person in Concord, CA or Remote by Phone or Zoom

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Thank you for considering booking a session with me! I offer several services that are aimed at getting to the root cause of your symptoms, work towards healing and getting you feeling better than ever! Whether you suffer from physical pain or illness, emotional distress or just feel yucky, I can help!

Need help choosing a service?

No worries! I’m here to help! Choose the Free Consultation and we will chat about your specific needs and goals. No pressure, just answers.

How to prepare for a session

First and foremost be open and willing! You will absolutely get the very best results if you are open to the process. Be on time and be sure you have allowed space in your day to be present during the session. If we are meeting by Zoom (video call) please be in a quiet location where you won’t be disturbed during the session. The work we do is deep. loving and sacred and you deserve to have mine and your full attention.

I believe you can feel better. Period.

I truly care about your story and what happened to you and can assist with the following (and more, just ask):

  • Navigating life transitions with ease – divorce, separation, career changes
  • Managing stress and overwhelm
  • Calming anxiety and depression
  • Clearing out stuck energy that is keeping you down
  • Releasing habits such as overeating, and smoking
  • Helping you sleep
  • Emotional distress
  • Physical pain

During a session we may discover blocks you didn’t even know where there! This is the beauty of working with you in a relaxed state. The walls come down and the healing takes place.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

It took awhile to get where you are and it may take several sessions to see the massive change you are desiring. Be patient and loving with yourself during this process. Sessions are 60 minutes and can be done in person or by Zoom from anywhere. I recommend the following:

1 Session – For a quick fix and to help clear your energy and see positive change

4 Sessions – Great for you if you have several concerns that need attention.

8 Sessions – Best for you is you have several concerns and want ongoing support. May be combined with other types of sessions such as energy healing.

I do offer discounted package pricing for the 4 and 8 sessions when purchased with your first session. Please ask me about it when we speak.

Click HERE to schedule your first session and we will discuss ongoing sessions if needed or desired.

Important Disclaimer

I am not medical doctor and do not diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions. I will not give you a diagnosis but may recommend you seek additional support from your healthcare provider or medical doctor. Any suggestions made must be clarified with your doctor. My services are considered alternative and voluntary. You agree to these terms and conditions upon booking a session with me.