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Anxiety and Cravings

I was driving today and thinking about the link between anxiety and cravings and wondered, what comes first: the craving or the anxiety? Does the anxiety trigger the cravings or do the cravings trigger the anxiety? I was thinking this out loud and my 16 year old son said “Obviously the anxiety comes first or otherwise why would people stress eat?”, he’s so smart 🙂 I used to get a LOT of anxiety, I still do, I’m not gonna lie. And I used to deal with my anxiety by eating. Usually it would be sweets, or a drive thru Starbucks Continue Reading

Stale Cake

  Have you ever wanted to eat stale cake? I mean, like really wanted to eat it? This happened to me yesterday. Logically I know the cake is stale and I should have already thrown it out but there it was, in the fridge, calling my name like a song…Michelle…here I am….come to meeeee.  It was after I ate dinner. I hadn’t been feeling well all day so pretty much stayed home. I found myself actually secretly wishing my husband would either a) go to bed early or b) go down and water the garden so I could eat the stale cake Continue Reading

Loosen your grip on food

Yesterday was a holiday and with holidays come food. Lots of food. And drinks. And chips. And dessert. Holidays used to totally stress me out. There were always foods that I could or could not eat.  I was either in control (controlling everything I ate and drank) or out of control (binging and going food crazy).  There was really no happy medium. We bbq’d at my house and we had so much food. And I ate it all. I had chips and dip, potato salad, beans, and 2 watermelon margaritas (which by the way are so good). Oh, and cake Continue Reading