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Did you know your energetic body may be holding on to stress, outdated beliefs, habits and stuck energy that makes you feel achy, tired, anxious, cranky, and just plain blocked? It’s time to let that stuff go!

Weekly Group Energy Healing

Monday Nights 7pm PST via Facebook Live

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What can Energy Healing help with?

If this sounds like you then chances are your energetic body and chakras are out of balance:

You have emotional stress:

  • You feel “off” but not you’re sure why. You just feel “stuck” in certain areas of your life (weight, financial,  career, relationship)
  • You’re unable to move forward in your business or life and are lacking motivation
  • You turn to food or alcohol in times of stress
  • You have a  history of trauma
  • You feel anxious or depressed and can’t move forward
  • You feel completely overwhelmed and stressed out
  • You keep finding yourself in unhealthy relationships or jobs

You have physical distress:

  • You’re tired all the time or have insomnia
  • No matter what you do, you can’t lose the weight
  • You have skin issues such as acne, eczema, rashes or psoriasis
  • You have constant pain in your body such as back pain, arthritis or migraines
  • You have an autoimmune disease or other medical concern
  • You have ongoing digestive issues

YOU deserve to feel better!

These are all signs that your chakras and energetic body are out of balance and a healing session would greatly benefit you. Some ailments require multiple sessions for optimal results*

Which option should I choose?

To try out Pranic Healing  – Choose 1 Healing Session which includes a short intake so Michelle’s knows what your concerns are, 45 minutes of energy healing, and a summary of what was discovered during the session. Michelle is deeply intuitive and often receives important messages for you during healing sessions.

To Dig Deep – Choose 4 Healing Sessions which includes all of the above 4x! Each session we go deeper into your subconcious to work on healing the negative thought patterns, beliefs and energies that are creating both emotional and physical distress. You will learn so much about yourself and get invaluable tools and tips on how to move forward.

For Ongoing Weekly Healing – Choose Membership which includes Weekly Group Healing’s done via Facebook Live every Monday evening at 6pm or 7pm PST (2 sessions to choose from). Members report feeling lighter, calmer and more grounded after each session and report they will never give up their Monday healings! Michelle often does additional Oracle card readings, meditations or training’s during the week. This is a group setting and NOT individual healing. *WOMEN ONLY

Choose your option below! If you choose indivitual healing sessions you will be taken to my calendar to schedule, for membership you will be taken to PayPal and I will reach out and add you to the Facebook Group.

To Your Healing!

1 Healing Session

Energy Healing Sessions are done in person or remotely from anywhere in the world. One session to clear your energy and provide intuitive guidance and clarity

4 Healing Sessions

Four Healing Sessions, in person or remote. This is a great option to really dig deep and experience amazing results.

Healing Membership

Receive weekly Energy Healing sessions in an amazing group setting. For emotional and physical well being. Just $44/ mo!

Healing Circle Membership FAQ

How are the healings done? I do the healings from on the Private FaceBook page via FB LIVE video. You will be be added to the private FB group upon joining.

What does a healing feel like? You may experience feelings of peace and calm, you may feel happy and cared for. Some people feel a slight warmth, like a nice blanket, or some tingling and some people feel nothing at all.

What if I can’t make it to the live healing?  Never fear! I suggest setting an alert on your cell phone so you know when your healing is taking place. I just ask that you take a moment to set an intention that you are open and super receptive to receive the healing. And simply relax or go about your day. You will get the same benefit whether or not you join live. You are not required to join live or even watch the recordings.

Are healings guaranteed? Results are unique to each person and I cannot guarantee your results. But please know I have many years of experience and have done hundreds of healings, you are in good hands!

What do I get with the membership? Great question! You will receive 4-5 healings each month, one each Monday night. Healing is done using Pranic Healing which is a powerful and effective type of energy healing. Each week I will tune in to the group, and to you, and see what areas need healing. It could be support around relationships, physical healing, specific chakras, or emotional healing. Each session will start with a short introduction and relaxation then I will do the healing. Some weeks may include a short meditation or Oracle card reading.

Will I be billed monthly? Yes, and you will be on monthly auto pay until you cancel as outlined below.

What if I need to cancel? No worries, you can cancel at any time by emailing me at michelle@tunedinwellness. I want you to be happy!

How will I get the recordings if I’m not able to attend live? You will have access to the healings on the FB page.

Still have questions, or want to be sure this is right for you? Contact Michelle at with your questions. Be sure to include your phone number so we can chat.


Michelle xo

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