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Are you ready for your life to be all that you want?
You were meant for more

If you’ve been living your life wishing for more

If you felt stuck and just not sure how to get out of your funk. You might not even know why you feel this way.

If you know you are meant for bigger and better things but not sure how to get there

You are in the right place

Why work with me?

I’m a unique kind of coach who combines transformational and intuitive coaching with a type of energy work called Pranic Healing PLUS Hypnotherapy. This gives me special insight and ability to quickly get to the source of your blocks.  Not only can I hear it in your words, I can feel it in your energy.

Discover  WHY you’re feeling stuck. WHY you can’t move forward in life, love or business. We find out WHAT’S holding you back.

We talk openly and honestly about your beliefs, your mindset and you.

When was the last time someone really listened to you?

We get to the ROOT of what’s really going on.

And you learn

How to live a life full of happiness, abundance and self love

You learn to trust & love yourself.

I believe in you.

You can transform

I truly believe that in order to really transform mind and spirit, that a combination of coaching and healing is so important.

That’s where I’m different.

You are the driver but I’m the guide.

What can you expect? 

Each session working with me consists of either coaching and/or healing where will will walk the path to your healing together. We will uncover the cause of your blocks and remove them. So you can thrive.

Are you ready to make changes that actually last?

YES! Tell me more!

Contact me for more information or to sign up for coaching and healing by following the path below…

Transformational Coaching & Healing

This amazing results studded program is at least 12 weeks long. I would never promise you a quick or easy fix and find that 12 weeks is just right.

In this program you will get in touch with yourself and really deeply explore where you are blocked and how to easily remove those blocks so you can bloom.  It’s really magical.

What’s included:

  • Devotion Statement ~ a beautiful commitment to yourself to lovingly work through the program
  • Weekly Calls  ~ 8 calls  (60-90) minutes where you will get personal guidance and coaching from me. There is plenty of time for sharing and questions because I honor your journey. These calls are meant to be highly insightful and transformative.
  • Healing Calls ~ 4 energy healing sessions (60-90 minutes) to remove the energetic blocks that are holding you back. I will give you tons of insight on what your energy body is saying, what your subconscious wants you to know and how you can integrate this healing. These calls may be Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression if that is a better option.
  • Session Summaries – Emailed summaries of each session with any action steps we discussed.
  • Support ~ UNLIMITED email, text and phone support between sessions including 4 emergency 15 minute healing sessions when times are tough or anxiety creeps in.
  • Fun Bonuses – Special crystal, essential oils or books chosen just for you!

I hope you are as eager to get started as I am to work with you. I’m here with you every step of the way. This program is from my heart and soul. It’s what worked for me. Read my story to hear my journey from the lowest point to loving and living.


(Payment plans available, please email me for information)

Sign me UP!

Grab your spot soon because I only take small groups at a time to keep it intimate and allow time for sharing during the calls. You are special to me.

Once you sign up you will receive an email from me with a very special Deep Dive Intake From, Program Overview, and a link to schedule your first session.

This journey you are about to embark on will teach to love and trust yourself. Your relationship with yourself and others will improve dramatically, you will tame your inner critic and have all the tools you need to live a life of abundance.

I’m saying YES to me!

You deserve to love, live out loud and shine bright!!



Group Coaching

If one on one work is not a fit right now, be sure to check out my upcoming group programs. Loads of support and transformation!

Energy Healing

Energy Healing Sessions are done in person or remotely from anywhere in the world. Easily and quickly identify and remove the blocks in your way!

Healing Membership

Receive weekly Energy Healing sessions in an amazing group setting. For emotional and physical well being. Just $44/ mo!

Why this program works

I’ve been where you are – discouraged, ashamed, full of guilt over my lack of motivation. Constantly worried about money, living paycheck to paycheck, eating unhealthy foods and living on caffeine.

I was so done with that!

How it works

In this program we dig deep into WHY you feel stuck and blocked.

We talk openly and honestly about your beliefs, you mindset, your thoughts and your goals and dreams.

We find out what the heck is going on

And you learn

How to have the life and business of your dreams

How to feel better

How to heal yourself

You learn about YOU

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