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Are your stuck emotions and past keeping the weight on?
It’s time for a NEW APPROACH
No more dieting. No more self sabotage. No more shame.
What if you could stop obsessing over your body, stop feeling not good enough
and  understand the role that your emotions play in your weight and
set yourself free? 

Once I learned about The Energy of Weight and how my weight was showing up for me, my life changed

In this program we dig deep into WHY you are holding on to extra weight. WHAT your extra weight is trying to tell you. WHY you can’t let go of those last 10 lbs or even 50 lbs. WHY you continue to self sabotage.

We talk openly and honestly about your beliefs about your weight, your body, yourself.

What If….

You knew what your body was saying, you knew why you were holding onto weight,

you learned that weight is simply energy and CAN BE RELEASED?

This can be true for you. You can heal.

What is the energy of weight?

How we feel and think on a regular basis manifests in our bodies. The negative self talk, the wounds from others we try to forget, the hurtful words and actions done to us that we stuff down. Each time you stuff down pain you are adding to the energetic weight of your emotional and physical body. To begin to feel safe in your body is an important part of feeling safe enough to release the weight. If your weight knows it’s job is to protect you, it will be very difficult to lose and keep off weight. You may not feel unsafe, you may not feel you need protecting, you may be reading this thinking “how can that be, I’m fine, I’ve dealt with my stuff”

But what if you have gotten really good at burying your stuff really deep down and pretending everything is fine?

The truth is, all of that stuff is showing up in your body. It’s showing up as the physical weight that you carry. It’s not about willpower, or sticking to it, or going on another diet.  Shifting your mindset and healing the hurt is the missing piece (or should I say, peace)

What it is about, is why you are hanging on to the weight. Maybe it’s protection you put on at an early age. Maybe you experienced emotional, physical or sexual trauma that made it unsafe to be in your body. Maybe you carry around guilt, shame and sadness. Maybe the world has been so overwhelming, scary and unkind that you had no choice but to put a barrier around yourself. This is your energetic weight.

When you carry pounds of protection, no amount of dieting will keep them off.

 What does living free from emotional weight look like?

You  learn that weight is energyand  how to work with that energy instead of fighting it

You understand why you hang onto weight, and how to allow your body to let it go

You are able to learn to listen to your body, and hear what she really needs

You no longer turn to food to fulfill you, you feel satisfied, happy and at peace

You learn to trust yourself, learn how to deal with your emotions, handle overwhelm and manage stress 

You accept and even love your body and once this happens, miracles happen.

You’re able to let go of guilt, shame and self judgement.

You will finally shed the pounds of protection and keep them off

You begin to HEAL

Can you imagine feeling and living this way? Because you can have this.

YES! Tell me more!

Join my NEW Group Coaching Program starting July 11, 2019

The Energy of Weight


Early Bird Price $497


This amazing results studded program is 8 weeks long. I would never promise you a quick or easy fix and find that 8 weeks is just right. Weight loss is not the goal and is not guaranteed. Here is what we work on together:

Weeks 1-4  ~ Committing to You, Awareness, and Self Discovery!

  • Making a commitment to YOU
  • What is energy and why and how is it affecting your weight?!
  • What do your chakras have to do with it?
  • What are your beliefs about yourself and your weight?
  • Why you put the weight on in the first place
  • How does keeping the weight on benefit you?
  • Discover your patterns and triggers and get the tools you can really use to shift this
  • Talk about the “diet – restrict – binge cycle” and how to break it
  • How to finally feel safe letting go of the weight
  • If I don’t diet, who am I?
  • Honoring your body with love and deep respect
  • Clearing the clutter to make space for the you’ve that’s been hiding

Weeks 5-8 ~ Reclaiming You, Feeling Fulfilled and Being YOU!

  • Body acceptance to body love
  • Releasing body shame and making peace with your amazing body
  • Daily tools to keep your calm, happy and grounded
  • Balancing your chakras (by me and you!)
  • Creating your own energetic shifts to support you
  • Discovering your new identity, the you you’ve been hiding
  • Know your Self- worth and learn boundary setting
  • Looking in the mirror with love and letting go of guilt and shame
  • Your magical mindset and how to make it work for you
  • Increase your magnetic energy to invite the life of your dreams
  • Break the patterns that have kept you stuck and move forward with love and ease

In this program you will get in touch with yourself and really deeply explore why you have been holding on to the weight and how you can break the cycle. By the end of the program you will feel at peace with yourself and your body (guess what, they are the same!). You will trust yourself and your body. It’s really magical.

This program is not designed to be a weight loss program although you may release weight during the 8 weeks because you are letting go of old patterns and old beliefs that have been keeping the pounds of protection firmly in place. Some women have genetic, hormone or health issues that keep their body at a higher weight. What I wish for you is that you begin to understand what your weight is saying and begin to unravel and heal the wounds so you feel safe stepping into a lighter version of yourself. Results are never guaranteed as each woman is in a unique place in her journey. I may recommend additional healing or coaching with me or another practitioner to boost your results. I want what is best for YOU.

What’s included:

  • Super Awesome Workbook  ~ this amazing workbook was specially designed with you in mind. It contains space for notes, exercises, and even space for art work. I encourage everyone to make their workbook their own by decorating it and putting it in a special binder.
  • Devotion Statement ~ a beautiful commitment to yourself to lovingly work through the program
  • 8 Weekly Calls ~ calls every week via Skype where you will get personal guidance and coaching from me. There is plenty of time for sharing and questions because I honor your journey. Calls are
  • 4 Group Energy Healings – Michelle will do healings in the evenings to help clear emotional blocks, cleanse your aura, remove cords to old patterns and people and energize your energetic body. This powerful healing will be allow you to shift much faster than ever before.
  • Weekly Emails ~ emails every Monday morning in your inbox full of love, motivation, and that weeks topic.
  • Private Facebook Group ~ having a supportive group of women makes such a difference! Connect, make friends, and share your journey with each other.
  • BONUS! One Private Coaching Call with Me ~ because I know sometimes you just need to take in private, I’ve included one 45 minute call with me, just us. Use this whenever you need it during the program.

I hope you are as eager to get started as I am to work with you. I’m here with you every step of the way. This program is from my heart and soul. It’s what worked for me. Read my story to hear my journey from overeating and crying to loving and living.

Next Group Program Starts July 18, 2019


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I’m so happy that you are loving and honoring yourself in this way. This is the first step to ending the struggle with your body and weight, ending those crazy feelings around not feeling good enough, and deprivation (suffering) and rules around who you should be.

This journey you are about to embark on will teach to love and trust yourself. Your relationship with yourself and others will improve dramatically, you will tame your inner critic and have all the tools you need to live a life of joy.

I’m saying YES to me!


Do you prefer 1-On-1 Coaching? 90 Day Private Coaching Starts the Day YOU are ready.

Private Coaching includes all of the offerings in the Living Lightly: Release the Weight Program but ALL 8 CALLS are just YOU AND ME PLUS 4 PRANIC HEALING SESSIONS – 12 SESSIONS IN ALL. We dig deep into your weight patterns, emotional and physical blocks, mindset, thoughts and beliefs.

You get personalized coaching around finding Self Love, improving Body Image, one on one exercises to actually CHANGE YOUR THOUGHT PATTERNS. Plus access to me via email at any time.


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