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I am honored to be among some of the most innovative and heart-centered experts all of whom truly care about sharing their knowledge and secrets to a healthier, vital and more balanced life. This inspiring Summit is hosted by Linda Celauro, who is passionate about sharing tips and simple steps to get you to the healthiest, happiest and most energized you!


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You’ll hear the stories of 21+ experts who will inspire and motivate you. Each day you will receive easy action steps to enhance the health of your body, the clarity of your mind and the happiness and beauty of your soul. And each speaker is offering a free gift that is only available to those who take the time to listen to the daily inspirational interview.

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You are invited, as my guest, to do just that. Start your journey today. You will receive an audio link each day from April 4th-15th to listen to at your own convenience. You simply need to set aside about 30-60 minutes per day to transform your life to a life you LOVE!

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