Join me for monthly Sister Circles

Are you craving Sisterhood and Community? Join our monthly in person Sister Circles in Concord,Ca. Each month we will do a guided meditation, lively and authentic conversation and healing’s. Circles are for women only.  You will feel lighter, brighter and more balanced mind, body and spirit.

Next Sister Circle ~ January New Moon

Date TBD – Please Join the Meetup Group Below for updates


1820 Galindo St. Suite 225, Concord CA 94519

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Cost $20



What is a Sister Circle?

A Sister Circle is a magical place to connect with other women, feed your soul and have fun!

1. the relationship between sisters.
2. an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.
A sister circle is not a luxury. It is essential to our emotional and spiritual health.

Our culture pits women against each other because women of shared intent are dangerous to oppressive masculine systems. But we are wiser than that.

We know our own power, and when we create a circuit of energy with other loving and conscious women, we magnify the nurturing, the healing, the grace, the freedom, the creativity and the love our lives stand for.

Have you been yearning for a sister circle as much as I have? Then join one. I’m so honored to hold the space for you. 

1. Our circle is sacred
: We come to our circle with love, consciousness, honor and respect. We are women of integrity and honor. We speak our truths fearlessly and lovingly.

2. Our circle is private: Trust is paramount in a sister circle. Women in our circle are invited to share their personal challenges and heartaches. Whatever is revealed in our circle is held in strictest confidence by all members.

3. Our circle is creative: The divine feminine is a creative and loving force. The sharing of art, poetry, and handmade items is strongly encouraged in our circle. Women’s talents from bread-baking to birthing new life and everything in-between are celebrated here.

We support all noble endeavors for all our sisters in whatever ways we can assist her in the midwifery of her fondest dreams, in the circle and in life.

4. Our circle is leaderless: All women who are members of this circle share in the responsibility of creating an experience shared by the whole group.

Sisters able to offer a suitable space for us to gather will be supported fully by members of the circle.

5. Our circle is abundant: We all participate in bringing the richness and lushness that is the nature of our Mother into our circle. We arrive each month with our holiest treasures and creations. We all bring nourishment: literally and figuratively.

A potluck of food, wine, sacred artifacts and new creations may be part of our monthly circle.

6. Our circle is warm: We create the hearth, the love, the nurturing in our circle that all thriving beings need.

Women don’t have enough support, and we meet to rectify this and bring safety, healing, light and warmth to women’s lives, that all our sisters become fully realized and supported by our love.

7. Our circle is closed. A circle with too many participants becomes unmanageable and less intimate. This is why our circles are kept to a small number of women. It’s vitally important that every woman who comes feels seen, heard and honored.

If this sounds amazing to you, please join the MeetUp Group HERE to follow the upcoming Sister Circles. And Stay Tuned for my upcoming ONLINE Sister Circles (YAY).

In love and gratitude!!


Shine on!